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They are rejoicing that travel is easier now and there are no more barriers on roads. They are able to plan for the Fall health volunteers workshops and theological retreat. Pastor Jeff Sorenson is leading the retreat with Pastor Soliette translating a series of 4 videos based on Luther’s Small Catechism. They are inviting people of South Dakota to plan mission trips in 2019 with a limit of eight people per group.


Though the Central and Eastern areas of the country are safe, there remains great insecurity, unrest, and suffering in the Northwest and Southwest Provinces (the English-speaking provinces). The country is planning a presidential election on October 7. The threat from Islamic Terrorists in the Extreme North has diminished. It would be good to plan a roof project ($8000 each roof) during 2019, since we know our trustworthy steward M. SANDA Elie will be overseeing the construction for one more year. You might even plan to visit Cameroon to be at the dedication of a new roof next year (we have sent money for three roofs so far this year).

Contact: Rev. Charlie Bunk, for more information or questions.

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