Congregation Forms

Annual Congregational Report Form A

Congregational Leaders: Please submit your congregation’s Forms A at ELCA website.

Congregations will be mailed a user ID and password from the churchwide office. If you did not receive this, or have misplaced it, please contact the Synod Office at 605-274-4011 or email

Statement of Intent for Mission Support

To tell us your plan for mission support, you may complete the online form here under Step #3.

    Mission Support Budgeted for Sharing

    (Undesignated mission support sent to the synod)

    Congregational Leadership Form

    To report your congregational leaders to the synod office, you may complete the online form here.

      Congregational Leadership

      Elections at the parish level should be reported to the ELCA on the proper forms. The synod office appreciates names of key people from your congregation as soon as they are available and whenever there is a change.



      Youth Contact (Adult)

      Education Contact

      Parish President

      Congregation or Roster Updates

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