Annual Meeting Resources

Resources for your congregation’s annual meetings can be found in the links below. Please also follow the steps with annual year end matters that need to be completed by each congregation in the South Dakota Synod. We appreciate your attention to the following the steps. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 605-274-4011.

Please note these important dates to return forms by:

  • Step 2 – Congregational Leadership Form – Due by January 31, 2020. Questions? Contact Crystal McCormick,, or call 605-274-4024.
  • Step 3 – Your Congregation’s Plan for Mission Support in 2020 (Statement of Intent)Due by January, 29, 2020.
    Questions? Contact Lois Borchardt, or call 605-274-4025.
  • Step 4 – Forms A & C – (Parochial Report submitted to Churchwide) – Online reporting opens in early January.

Download materials sent to all congregations in December. Use these materials and resources during your annual meeting.

2019 Year End Materials

Download documents that were sent to each congregation in December.

*Memo To Congregations (pdf)
1 Annual Letter From Bishop Constanze Hagmaier (pdf)
2 Annual Report Cover (pages) (pdf)
2 Annual Report Cover (spread) (pdf)
3 Stories Of Faith In Action (pdf)
4 Where Does My Offering Go? (pdf)
5 SD Synod Mission Plan (pdf)
6 How To Use Stories Of Faith In Action (pdf)

Additional Resources for Your Congregation’s Annual Meeting

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Congregational Leadership

Elections at the parish level should be reported to the ELCA on the proper forms. The synod office appreciates names of key people from your congregation as soon as they are available and whenever there is a change.



Youth Contact (Adult)

Education Contact

Parish President

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Mission Support Budgeted for Sharing

(Undesignated mission support sent to the synod)

2019 Actual Year Total ($)
2020 Projected Year Total

2020 Annual Congregation Reports

Forms A and C (Parochial Report for 2020)

  • Forms A and C (Parochial Report) which are used to update the parochial statistics of the church. To file your annual congregation report, click here.
  • Congregational IDs and Passwords will be mailed to each congregation from the churchwide office and online filing will open in January.

According to the Synod Constitution, each Minister of Word and Sacrament or Word and Service on the roster of this synod “shall submit a report of his or her ministry to the bishop of this synod at least 90 days prior to each regular meeting of the Synod Assembly”.

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