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Bishop Hagmaier’s August Column

In her August Column for congregations in the South Dakota, Bishop Hagmaier introduces a new contactless worship resource for faith communities to use as we look ahead to the Fall and Winter months.

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Companion Synod Coordinator

The South Dakota Synod is seeking to hire a part-time companion synod coordinator.
The ideal candidate for the position of the companion synod coordinator has experience in working with consulates, visa applications and process. The candidate also needs to display exemplary organizational, communication and time management skills.

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Youth Ministry – Where do we go from here?

Kelsey Lyndoe, our Synod Gathering Coordinator, invites you to participate on Tuesdays in August at 2 PM CT for Youth Ministry and Gathering Updates. Kelsey will share what the 2022 dates will do for your congregation’s planning.

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Confirmation Online Information Session

The South Dakota Synod is excited to unveil and online confirmation curriculum tool called Canvas. Canvas is a learning management system used by many schools and universities for enriched learning online. We will do a deep dive learning session on Wednesday, August 12.

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Not-Your-Average Boundaries Training

Most people in ministry who violate boundaries are individuals who know and follow the rules most of the time but whose judgment may be impaired due to an unusually stressful time in their lives. With that in mind, Not-Your-Average Boundaries Training is tailored to focus on strategies to foster mental health, emotional resiliency, and well-being.

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Synod Day

Join us for the 2020 Synod Day on November 7. This live-streamed event is open to all members of the South Dakota Synod.

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