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Join as we explore the intersections between food sovereignty, food justice, and the local foods movement happening on the Rosebud Reservation in south central South Dakota.

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Mission support is the unrestricted giving that provides the foundation and the fuel to God's work in the world. Learn more about the missions you support with your weekly offerings in this new video.

Where does my offering go?

The publication Stories of Faith in Action and the resources that go along with it are designed to share how important your weekly offering in your congregation is in sustaining and growing God’s mission.

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Synod News

Companion Synod News: Health promoters workshop in Nicaragua

On September 25 and 26, training was given to the health promoters of the Nicaraguan Lutheran Church “Faith and Hope” (ILFE) in Somotillo, Chinandega, on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Women’s Health.

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ELCA Conference of Bishops statement on East Jerusalem hospitals

In early September, members of the Conference of Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) were saddened and dismayed to hear reports that the U.S. government was planning to discontinue financial assistance to Augusta Victoria Hospital and five other East Jerusalem hospitals.

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Straight off the Truck

The gift of commodities is a donation where everyone benefits. Learn more about the Straight off the Truck program from Lutheran Planned Giving of South Dakota.

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Community Suicide Prevention Workshops

The South Dakota Synod is hosting community suicide prevention workshops for rostered ministers, congregational leaders and members to learn the warning signs and to prevent suicides in our communities, families, and congregations.

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Partners Against Hunger: Hunger Summit

Join us at the 2018 Hunger Summit at DWU in Mitchell on Tuesday, November 13. This year’s summit will focus on food sovereignty.

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