Multicultural Ministries

Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center

The ministry of the Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center fosters mutual trust, respect, and understanding, while addressing the deep poverty that exists on the reservation.

The Pine Ridge Retreat Center is available for group retreats.  For costs and information, click here.  This covers materials for projects you will work on, speakers, events, and operating expenses.  Please contact Pastor Dan Johnson, Director of Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center, at or 605-867-5262 for information and scheduling.

Visit the Pine Ridge Reconciliation Center online.

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Woyatan Lutheran in Rapid City

Woyatan is a traditional Lakota congregation in Rapid City, a ministry by and with Lakota people.  The faith community invites and welcomes everyone.  Woyatan partners with Wambli Ska, whose mission is “to provide structure, stability, and love to Native American youth and their families. We are committed to reviving culture as a solution to bring forward the sources of strength and resiliency to better address the challenges they face.”

Please contact Vicar Jonathan Old Horse (SAM), at or (605) 348-0247 for more information.

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Pueblo de Dios in Sioux Falls


“Called by Christ. In Solidarity with the Community.”

Pueblo de Dios (People, or Community, of God) is a ministry under development in the South Dakota Synod of the ELCA. A ministry whose primary focus is reaching out to the Latino community of Sioux Falls (and the surrounding area) with the Good News of New Life in Jesus Christ, Pueblo de Dios is being “birthed” with love & support from Augustana Lutheran Church. Augustana and Pueblo de Dios are two distinct communities of faith who seek to come together in joint ministry ventures in the Historic District of central Sioux Falls.

Please contact Pastor Maria Cabello Salomon, at or 605-370-3604 for more information.

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First Lutheran African Ministry in Sioux Falls


First Lutheran African Ministry is a vital, growing ministry with and among African people in Sioux Falls.  While the spiritual leaders and founders of this community are Liberian, worshipers on a Sunday afternoon come from many parts of West Africa.  All came here fleeing the violence of various civil wars and the desperate poverty of cross-border refugee camps.  The people of this community share a powerful bond of hardship and a common strength of hope in Jesus Christ.

Please contact Abraham Gayataye (SAM), at or 605-360-4208 for more information.

McLaughlin Community Alliance Group


The Community Alliance Group holds weekly meetings on Monday evenings at 6pm MT in McLaughlin. Location will be posted weekly in the CAG Facebook Group.

Mission Statement:

The Community Alliance Group is committed to uplifting and empowering the community through hope, healing, and forgiveness for the good of all.

Vision Statement:

The Community Alliance Group strives to engage all people to help each other be their best and find strength through positivity and love while living, working, learning, and playing together as a community.

Please contact Kim Olson, at or 605-858-5760 for more information.

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The South Dakota Synod Multicultural Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the South Dakota Synod Multicultural Committee is to respond to God’s call to share the reconciling gospel of Jesus Christ with all nations by partnering in ministry with the diverse ethnic communities within our state.

5 Core Functions:
  1. Strategize:  Develop strategies to help us become a more multicultural church.
  2. Advocate:  Advocate with and for ethnic communities at every level of ministry and leadership in our Synod, and stand in solidarity with people who experience injustice.
  3. Teach:  Teach the people of our Synod how to listen and interact with different cultures, so that there may be a mutual blessing.
  4. Establish:  Establish new ministries among culturally diverse populations within our Synod.
  5. Encourage:  Encourage congregations and leaders who are involved in multicultural ministry.
  6. Gather Resources:  Seek generous giving and participation from churches, individuals and organizations toward the cause of multicultural ministry.