A Stewardship Conspiracy

July 21, 9:00-3:30 – First Lutheran, Mitchell, SD

Join the South Dakota Synod for a one-day, interactive training on stewardship conspiracies. This workshop will be led by two recognized leaders in stewardship. Charles Lane and Grace Duddy Pomroy will lead a 5-hour event at First Lutheran Church in Mitchell, SD. Conspirators will explore concepts and receive tools to help them function more effectively as a steward leader and resident theologian. The presenters will ground the stewardship conversation in scripture, explore important generational differences, and provide practical steps that conspirators can take to begin shifting the culture and thinking about money and giving in a new, healthier direction.


  • Participants will be able to articulate a biblically-based, theologically sound perspective on stewardship and the faith practice of regular giving.
  • Participants will gain an awareness of differences in thinking about money and giving from a generational perspective.
  • Participants will find encouragement and support through colleagues serving as their Partner-conspirators and lay leaders serving as their co-conspirators.
  • The congregations of the participants will experience connectedness to other congregations around biblical stewardship preaching.
  • Congregations will engage in stewardship enhancing activities that represents for them a “stretch” or a growth step from what they had previously been accustomed to.


Register by June 3.
Travel and lodging expenses are on your own.


Contact Rev. Bill Tesch, Director for Evangelical Mission

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