Year End Request from Bishop Zellmer

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thank you for the faithful ways that you share the love of Christ in your local communities. Your generosity of time, talent and treasure bears witness to the good news that brings new life.

I write to make you aware of the needs of two of our shared ministries that are needing additional support as we near the end of the fiscal year.

First Lutheran African Ministry, a congregation serving West African Immigrants in Sioux Falls, SD, is currently in need of an additional $30,000 to cover the basic salary needs of the mission developer, Abraham Gayetaye. In order to provide the needed leadership for this unique community, it was necessary for us to obtain a Religious Worker visa for Abraham. By law, this visa requires that the entirety of his family’s support be from his work with the church rather than through a bi-vocational model, which is the long-term plan for the ministry.

The Pine Ridge Retreat Center, a ministry creating relationships and cross-cultural education while serving the people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, is in need of $15,000 to cover the salary of the Director, Pastor Kay Ressel. The ministry has expanded to include the job corps program that employs local people who learn a trade while offering important services to the community such as home maintenance. The ministry also expanded its outreach to children through the addition of a full-time youth worker, Nicholas Breining. This position is shared with the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota. The ongoing expansion of this important ministry will eventually free up Pastor Kay to spend more time in education and development, but until that transition is complete, your supplemental gifts to this important ministry will greatly help.

I know that budgets are tight in this year of unsettling changes in our farm economy. I want to make you aware of these needs because these are ministries that I know you care about and you would want to know how you can help. Thank you for giving these needs consideration as we come to the year’s end.

Please direct your gifts to the South Dakota Synod designated for “Year End Ministry Needs”. 

Click here to donate online.

Thank you for your consideration and for your partnership in the Gospel.

Yours in Christ,
Bishop David B. Zellmer

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