In Synod News

Bishop Constanze Hagmaier delivers her 2022 Christmas message to the South Dakota Synod’s congregations, rostered ministers, and members:

“…For thousands of years God’s people had hoped for freedom from sin and death. When Mary places the baby in the manger, our hopes and our longings have a destination. We too are invited to lay our restlessness and yearnings into the manger. Our “one days” become “today”. The baby in the manger will hold the world’s hurts, pain and sin as it matures and walks the earth with his eyes on Jerusalem, where he dies. But in his death, everything we placed in that manger, dies with him. And out of death God calls forth new life. The perishable has been clothed with the imperishable. Thanks be to God!…”

Watch on YouTube or Vimeo (with Closed Captions). You can download a manuscript here.