Bishop Election Devotional for March 13, 2019


Acts 9:1-19

“And immediately something like scales fell from his eyes, and his sight was restored. Then he got up and was baptized, and after taking some food, he regained his strength.” (Acts 9:18-19)


By Rev. Herb Wounded Head (SDSU Lutheran Campus Ministry)

We must look at this text through the renewed eyes of Paul, whose sight was recently restored after encountering Jesus in the book of Acts. He has had his own trials of wandering while blind, so the first thing he does is find himself something to eat.

There’s something holy about eating. Not only does it nourish us physically, but it also serves as spiritual nourishment. In a Pew Research survey, this simple question was asked, “What are the most important words you’ve ever heard?” First in the list was, “I love you.” This makes sense. We need to hear those words often from our loved ones and most assuredly from God in Christ Jesus. Second on the list was, “I forgive you.” Again, this makes sense. In any relationship, be it with God and others, our sinful selves tend to do things to hurt one another. To hear the words, “I forgive you” are words of grace and redemption.

Last on the list was, “Dinner’s ready. Come and eat.” One of the hallmarks of hospitality we learn from Abraham in the Bible when he offers holy wanderers something to eat. We need to be fed, physically and spiritually. When we share a meal with others, we offer ourselves, our time and our possessions. We share our very selves when we sit down at the table with others to share a meal. So this too, makes sense. How many good memories do we have of sharing a meal with loved ones? My guess is, quite a few. We may not even remember what we had to eat, but we do remember the experience as refreshing and renewing.

One of the things that I remember our bishops doing is feeding us with the Word of grace and love in Christ Jesus. I don’t remember the sermons, but I do remember being refreshed and renewed. One of the duties of the bishop is to continue to preach the Word and ensure that the Sacraments are administered rightly. In short, to make sure that we are fed.


Gracious God, give us the gift of sight that we are loved, forgiven and most importantly fed by Your Spirit. Help us to feed others with your gifts of grace and forgiveness. As we seek to find a new bishop to lead and feed us, give us the knowledge that you are the one who provides for our every need and to trust in Your Spirit to guide us. Amen.


ELW #779 “Amazing Grace”



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