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Call a Pastor

Information for Congregations in Call Process

The purpose of the Support to Ministries Committee of the South Dakota Synod is to walk with congregations as they begin, work through, and complete the search for new church leadership.  The committee is represented by each of the seven conferences of the South Dakota Synod, one ordained and one lay representative from each conference.

Call Process Outline (pdf)
Call Process Booklet (pdf)

Steps in Seeking a New Pastor:


    1. Inform the synod office of your pastoral/rostered leader opening.

2. Arrange for pastoral/rostered leader assistance during transition

Parish council president contacts the synod office to arrange Interim ministry

Interim Ministry Manual (pdf)
Appropriate Objectives for Interim Period (pdf)
Covenant of Conduct for Congregations (pdf)

Lists of contacts available for interim and pulpit supply:

2014 December Ordained Interim & Supply Pastors (pdf)
2014 December Lay Pulpit Supply (pdf)

3. Learn about yourself and the direction the Holy Spirit is leading

Call Committee Installation Service (pdf)

4. Ministry site study (formally called parish study)

  • Representatives from the synod office and your conference meet with your congregation
  • Your congregation tells Support to Ministries about the kind of ministry you want and need

5. Candidates names and profiles

  • Synod staff and members of Support to Ministries Committee consider possible names
  • Candidate profiles are sent to the call committee for review.

6. Call committee reviews profiles

  • The call committee considers the profiles of candidate(s)

7. The interview process

  • The call committee sets up interviews with candidate(s)
  • Call committee and candidate interview

Call Committee Interview Response Form (pdf)
Candidate Interview Response Form (pdf)

     8. Prayer and Reflection

9. Call committee recommends candidate to council

  • Council acts on the recommendation of the call committee

Instructions for Submitting Call Documents (pdf)

    • 2014 Compensation and Guidelines

Full Booklet (pdf)
Pastors Living in a Parsonage (pdf)
Pastors Receiving a Housing Allowance (pdf)
Rostered Lay Leaders (pdf)
Lay Leaders (pdf)

    • 2015 Compensation and Guidelines (effective Jan. 1, 2015)

Pastors Living in a Parsonage (pdf)
Pastors Receiving a Housing Allowance (pdf)
Rostered Lay Leaders (pdf)
Lay Leaders (pdf)

Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form Instructions (pdf)

Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form Instructions (pdf)

  • The official Letter of Call to be signed by the bishop can be requested from the synod office by calling contacting Susan Marone at 605/274-4022 or Crystal McCormick at 605/274-4024.
  • Council may reject recommendation and return to interview process
  • Council may call a congregational meeting

10. Congregational meeting

  • The congregation votes on the candidate

11. Candidate discerns

  • If pastor/candidate says no – the call committee goes back to the candidate profiles and begins again

12. Installation

If you have any questions about your congregation’s call process or the above forms, please contact Susan Marone, AIM at 605/274-4022 or Crystal McCormick, Candidacy and Mobility Office Coordinator at 605/274-4024.

Summary Plan Description
ELCA Heath Benefits
ELCA-Primary Coverage

Effective January 1, 2011

For more information on ELCA Health Benefits for ELCA-primary members, a booklet is available for your information of the ELCA Portico.

Congregations in Transition

Ministry Sites Accepting Candidate Names

Aberdeen, Zion (associate) *
Brookings, Ascension (associate) * #
Claire City, First/New Effington, Faith/Veblen, Our Savior’s (senior) #
Gayville, Gayville/Meckling, Bergen (solo)
Kimball, Kimball Protestant Parish (solo) #
Lake Preston, Lake Preston/North Preston (solo)
Rapid City, Faith (solo)
Rapid City, Woyatan (solo) #
Sioux Falls, East Side (associate)
Warner, St. John (solo)
Willow Lake/Bryant, Prairie Star Lutheran Parish (co-pastor)

Ministry Site Study to be Scheduled

Bison, Prairie Fellowship Parish (solo)
Bristol, Bethesda/Butler, Butler/Waubay, Our Savior’s (solo)
Faulkton, Our Savior’s (solo)
Florence Lutheran Parish – Clark, St. Paul/Florence, Goodhue & New Helgen (solo) #
Mitchell, New Home (solo)
Timber Lake, Prairie Parish (solo)
Vermillion, Trinity (solo) # – Nate Lizarazo & Barbara Wangsness, Interims
Yankton, Trinity (associate)

# Interim Contract in place
* First Call Site

Long-Term Interim Sites

Kimball, Kimball Protestant Parish – Daryl Schubert until August 2015
Oldham, Oldham/Ramona, St. John – Joanne Nagele
Rapid City, Lord of Life – Bruce Baum, Interim until 2016
Sioux Falls, Holy Cross – Frank Philipp, Interim until 10/25/15

Calls Extended

Tammy Craker – Salem, Parkston


Katherine Olson – First, Sioux Falls – January 24-25, 2015
Tammy Craker – Salem, Parkston – TBD


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