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Companeros de Camino Sunday

By South Dakota Synod | Posted 3/6/14 at 11:07am |
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On May 4 the Evangelical Outreach and Multicultural Committees of the South Dakota Synod invite us to turn our attention toward the Companions among us. We are calling that Sunday, “Compañeros de Camino” – “Companions on the Journey.” On this day we hope that we can learn about the lives of immigrants to our state who really are our companions on the way. We are particularly focusing our attention on children who have lived here since they were very young and who now wish to go to college. Immigrant children lacking documentation can attend college by applying for “deferred action.”

The application cost is $465, which is prohibitive to many of these promising young people. So on May 4 we are inviting you to receive a special offering, 100% of which will go to assist these young people in applying for deferred action so that they can go to college. Funds that you collect for this purpose will be administered through Pueblo de Dios, our new Hispanic congregation in Sioux Falls. Pueblo de Dios is in daily ministry with many such young people who would qualify for this opportunity.

People of faith can disagree, but quite apart from the politics of this issue, we hope that we can all see the real human need and the opportunity to make a life-changing difference in the lives of these amazing young companions on our way.

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