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The January numbers are in!  After one month, we are at 28% toward our goal of 65% to receive a 1% discount on health contributions.  So far, 75 members have taken the assessment and we need 98 more to reach our goal.  It is estimated that congregations and organizations of our synod will save approximately $28,000 collectively if we reach our goal before April 30.  Help us get there sooner than later!  It helps you, your congregation, and the synod.

Portico plan members, spouses, and ESGPs with ELCA-Primary health benefits, take the Mayo Clinic health assessment by Sept. 30 to earn $150 wellness dollars, help your employer come closer to earning a 1% discount on health contributions if you take the health assessment by April 30, and become eligible to earn additional wellness dollars.

After you complete the health assessment, complete the GO! Challenge and report it at Healthy Living online by Nov. 30 to earn additional wellness dollars. You can earn an additional $250 wellness dollars in 2016.

Click here to learn more and take the assessment.

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