Building Up and Serving the Body of Christ

Coaching is an intentional relationship in which a trained coach uses powerful questions, strategic listening, and accountability to uncover and utilize your strengths and insights to accomplish your goals. Coaching has many applications for ministry in the church. Here are just a few:

  • Starting new ministries or congregations
  • Congregational redevelopment or renewal
  • Natural Church Development
  • Stewardship
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership development
  • First call

Contact one of the certified coaches in the South Dakota Synod below!

Guiding principles of Coaches in the ELCA

God’s mission and the work of the Holy Spirit are the heart of coaching.

Coaching is a ministry of accompaniment and encouragement.

God provides everything needed to accomplish God’s purposes for every leader and congregation.

Effective leadership is adaptive leadership. Coaching facilitates adaptive leadership.

Jamie Duprey

SD Coaching Coordinator


Jamie Duprey is a Level II life coach, optimist, reading specialist, basketball coach, and most importantly, wife and mother. Jamie loves laughing loudly and connecting deeply. She is excited to support individuals and church communities through coaching. You can expect commitment, compassion, and charisma when connecting with Jamie. Please email her at

Bob Chell

Level II Coach


I am a certified level two coach in Mission Development. The bulk of my career was as a campus pastor. I ended my career serving as Pastor of St. Dysmas Lutheran located behind the walls of the SD State Penitentiary. I also have a Masters in Counseling degree from the University of South Dakota. If you are interested in exploring coaching with me I’d like to meet, at no charge to you, to talk with you about what you would like to achieve and how I might be of help. My email is My phone is (605) 690-7870

Nancy Eckels

Level I Coach


Nancy Eckels is a Level I coach working toward Level II certification. She is committed to helping disciples and congregations live into their baptismal calling through vocation, devotion, discipleship, and service. A former educator and now ordained pastor, Nancy will walk alongside you and help you explore the mystery of God’s grace as you journey. Please email her at

Katherine Eisele

ELCA Coach


I have been a rostered minister in the ELCA, SD Synod since 2012. I was a registered nurse for 30 years prior to my call to Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church, Sioux Falls in 2007. I have been involved in the coaching world since 2015 with an emphasis in Discipleship Coaching. My professional ministry focus has been adult and family faith formation. It is a gift to walk alongside a brother or sister in faith in an intentional coaching relationship. I look forward to coaching others as they explore next steps in their ministry and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Contact

Rebel Hurd

Level II Coach


Rebel is a believer in the promise, a lover of people, sees Christ in their eyes, and dreams of being the church with all of God’s people. She is grounded in the Word and walks alongside those who live on the margins and those who serve on the margins. Level II trained with a Mission Development and Congregational Vitality emphasis, genuine, compassionate, and confidential. Contact Rebel at

Mary Mortenson

Level II Coach


Mary Mortenson is a Level 2 coach, with expertise in congregational development and redevelopment; however, she is available for all coaching opportunities, including group work.  Contact info:; 605-496-5841.

Margie Neugebauer

Level II Coach


Margie Neugebauer is a certified Level 2 Life Coach. A grandmother, and leader for Christ, she is living her dream in the Black Hills. Margie has a passion for connecting with individuals and congregations through Development and Congregational Vitality. Using the GiFT process, she has trained and coached several congregations already. Margie is eager to empower others to grow and her expertise areas include: transformational change, leadership development, and capacity building. Contact Margie at or 303.590.4403.

Rhonda Wellsandt Zell

Level II Coach


Rhonda Wellsandt Zell is a level II coach with an emphasis in Mission Development/Redeveloper. She is a teacher, quilter, Redevelopment pastor and has a passion for creativity and spirituality. Coaching is an opportunity to walk alongside individuals and congregations as they explore the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Contact Rhonda at