Rostered Ministers’ Annual Reports to the Bishop

Complete your annual report to Bishop Zellmer electronically by clicking on the link that pertains to your particular call.

Rostered Ministers (formerly known as Rostered Leader) refer to the new roster classifications by the Office of the Secretary effective January 1, 2017 for all ordained, commissioned, or consecrated ministers. This would include all pastors and deacons (formerly referred to as Associate in Ministry, Deaconess, Diaconal Minister).

If you have chosen to fill out the the forms from the Office of the Secretary at the ELCA, you do not need to fill out the electronic version below. We wanted to make this task easier for all Rostered Ministers to complete by adding an electronic form to fill out and send online.

If you have any questions, please contact the Synod Office at 605-274-4011 or email

Your time and feedback regarding your ministry is valuable to the Synod and will be reviewed by Bishop Zellmer so he can best support you and your ministry in the upcoming year.

Thank you!