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Dear co-workers in God’s mission with the Lutheran Church of Faith & Hope of Nicaragua -ILFE:

We write to express our heart-felt gratitude for your ongoing mission generosity as well as to invite you to join other individuals, congregations, Sunday schools, WELCA Groups and ministry organizations in our Synod in helping us improve the retreat facilities at Cedro Galan where the Pioneer “Green Agricultural Project” is located.

Cedro Galan is the farm where the Lutheran Church of Nicaragua (most commonly known as ILFE by its acronym in Spanish) was born when the War in El Salvador forced many to flee to Nicaragua. This farm is home to the “Green Project” which is also our mission priority as South Dakota Synod. The Green Project of Cedro Galan is a pioneer project of national impact involving areas of food security, water/land management, responsible care of creation and appropriate agricultural technologies. Pastors, evangelists, catechists and all church leaders of ILFE are constantly trained here in technologies that are replicated in their own communities.

Improved facilities are critically needed to maximize training opportunities for all ministry organizations of ILFE and to provide a safe place for delegations from our South Dakota Synod.
What currently exists is very primitive and discourage people to return a second time. There is a desperate need to improve these facilities where agricultural training and all other mission training takes place and it is based on a holistic understanding and practice of the Gospel.

Improvements include upgrading bathroom, kitchen, dining and sleeping facilities. The cost is U$50,000 of which we have raised $20,000. We are inviting congregations, WELCA Groups, Sunday schools and other ministry organizations to prayerfully consider missions gifts within a range of $250 to a $1,000. We have an unique opportunity to build a strong mission capacity for ILFE and we need your valuable help. Trusting in the faithfulness of God and the generosity of God’s people throughout our South Dakota Synod, we are committed to see this project done by August 2016 before the raining months come. Please mail your gifts to the Synod Office earmarked “Facilities Cedro Galan” before or no later than June 30th, 2016. For further information or to ask a visit from Pr. Natanael or a member of our Companion Synods Committee, please contact Pr. Lizarazo at or at 605-261-7450. A description of the project and photos may be downloaded here. Thank you for your mission generosity!

With heart-felt mission joy & thanksgiving,


Bishop David B. Zellmer                      Pr. Natanael Lizarazo, Coordinator Companion Synods

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