The South Dakota Synod invites you to dive into the Reformation with the Luther House of Study over the next month. This is an exciting partnership with the Synod and Luther House of Study as we come together to observe the Reformation.

The Reformation: Observing 500 Years


Luther House of StudyIt’s been said that in the history of Western civilization only one individual has had more books written about him than has Martin Luther: Jesus Christ.

What was it this small town priest from a little known university in a town on the fringes of German society said and did that has caused generation after generation to assess the impact and fallout of events from 500 years ago? According to Luther himself, it all began in Wittenberg, Germany on the eve of All Saints Day, October 31, 1517 when he posted the 95 Theses. What did he say that offended so many people? And how did that event ignite a revolution that impacted not only religion, but also the social, economic and political forces of the day?

During the next month, the Luther House of Study invites you to follow the beginning of this story as we look at who Luther was, where he came from and what informed his ideas. Luther wasn’t born a Lutheran, nor did he set out intending to be a reformer. Coming out of a working class family with a traditional education he was, by his own admission, surprised by what transpired in the months following the Ninety-Five Theses – a document that spread like wildfire across continental Europe.

Together with Luther House of Study, you will also dig into Luther’s thought and theology and start to unpack what it was about this man, Luther, and his understanding of Scripture that not only inspires but also creates controversy– even today. So whether or not you’re new to the Lutheran conversation or you’ve been born and raised in it, join us as we explore the man and the theology that sparked a revolution.

For more on this topic, watch the weekly bulletin and view the Reformation 500 video series at Check out a preview of the series below that will begin on September 26th. 


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