Not-Your-Average Boundaries Training


Welcome to LeaderWise’s boundaries training, where we believe that boundaries training doesn’t have to be boring!


It’s our experience at LeaderWise that pastors, church staff, and other leaders who transgress boundaries by-and-large are not predators. In fact, not even close. Most people in ministry who violate boundaries are individuals who know and follow the rules most of the time but whose judgment may be impaired due to an unusually stressful time in their lives. With that in mind, Not-Your-Average Boundaries Training is tailored to focus on strategies to foster mental health, emotional resiliency, and well-being. While we still cover the essentials—“Don’t sleep with a parishioner unless you’re married to them” and “Don’t borrow money from the church board president”—we believe the best prevention is to encourage clergy to take steps to manage their stress in order to maintain balance and perspective when temptation arises. We further teach a 3-step strategy to help stop them in their tracks before they commit a boundary violation.

LeaderWise’s online boundaries training workshop is lively and highly interactive, full of reflection and conversation—and even laughter. Attendees have given us the feedback that our boundaries training was a great experience, AND caused them to re-evaluate some of their own practices.

Details for Your Upcoming Training

This training has three components (total time commitment approximately 5 hours):

●      Pre-reading (you will receive the reading assignment upon registration)

●      The online course, which is 2.5 hours

●      Post-course responsive writing to questions and/or case studies

Your boundaries training will take place online and will be conducted via secure Zoom video conferencing. Click here to register (hosted by LeaderWise). When you register, you will indicate the date and time (Central time) that works best for you:

●      (CLOSED) Thursday, September 24 (1:30 to 4 pm)

●      Tuesday, October 6 (2:00 to 4:30 pm)

●      (CANCELED) Monday, October 12 (6:00 to 8:30 pm)

Following your registration, you will receive an invoice for the $50 registration fee. In early September, you will receive confirmation of your training date and time along with a Zoom link and the articles to read prior to the online course. If you have any questions about the training, please contact Mary Kay DuChene ( If you have questions about registration or invoices, please contact Heather Koshiol ( or 651-636-5120).

More than 50 Years of Service
LeaderWise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1969 to provide counseling and consulting for lives of service. We are a mission-driven organization with 50 years’ experience providing psychological and leadership development resources to individuals and organizations.  Originally charged to serve the Upper Midwest, LeaderWise has expanded its work throughout North America. LeaderWise comprises a team of 15 educators and consultants from a variety of disciplines (counseling psychologist, clinical social workers, spiritual directors, leadership development consultants, educators) and cultural backgrounds. The mission of LeaderWise is to foster healthy and spirit-filled individuals and communities for lives of service.

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