Where does your offering go?

Stories of Faith in Action

The publication Stories of Faith in Action and the resources that go along with it are designed to share how important your weekly offering in your congregation is in sustaining and growing God’s mission. The portion of your offerings that support the ELCA’s synodical and churchwide ministries is called Mission Support. The publication and resources found here help explain and answer questions about Mission Support and tell the story of those gifts in action.

To order free copies of Stories of Faith in Action click the order link below or call 800-638-3522 and ask for ELCAMA1340. You’ll only pay for shipping. Be sure to download story bulletin inserts, posters, a Mission Support FAQ and a how-to-use guide.

Stewardship Days Materials

As steward leaders our most important task is to help see the connection between spirituality and money.  Money follows mission and as we talk about mission support we are talking about where our heart is. Are you passionate about the mission of the church? Is your congregation passionate about what we can do together in mission through the South Dakota Synod and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?

The following links are several resources that you may find helpful as you engage in conversations about your congregation’s mission support for 2019.