2017 Synod Assembly
2017 Ballot (pdf)
2017 Preliminary Report (pdf)
2017 SA Detailed Report PDF (pdf)
2017 Synod Assembly Minutes (pdf)
2017 Synod Assembly Proposed Agenda (pdf)
2017 Synod Assembly Resolutions Packet (pdf)
2017 Synod Audit Report (pdf)
2018 Mission Plan (pdf)
2018 Synod Assembly
2018 Bishop Term Limit Rationale (pdf)
2018 S8.51.10 QA Resource (pdf)
AMMPARO Workshop PowerPoint - June 2017 (pptx)
Call Process/Supply Lists
2018 August Lay Pulpit Supply (pdf)
2018 August Ordained Interim & Supply Pastors (pdf)
Appropriate Objectives for Interim Period (pdf)
Call Committee Installation Service (pdf)
Call Committee Interview Response Form (pdf)
Call Process Booklet (pdf)
Candidate Interview Response Form (pdf)
Covenant of Conduct for Congregations (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form Instructions (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form Instructions (pdf)
Devotions For Congregations In Call Process (from SWMN Synod) (pdf)
Instructions for Submitting Call Documents (pdf)
Interim Ministry Manual (pdf)
Maintaining Benefits In Transition (pdf)
Ministry Site Profile Login (html)
Mutual Ministry Handbook (pdf)
Post-Employment Agreement (pdf)
Vice Pastor Agreement (pdf)
2017-2018 Academic Year Seminary Scholarship Application (pdf)
Background Check Authorization Form (pdf)
Candidacy Checklist (pdf)
Candidacy FAQs (pdf)
Candidacy Manual 2016 (pdf)
Endorsement Panel Information Sheet (pdf)
Entrance Panel Information (pdf)
FAQs for Assignment Forms (pdf)
FLC Seminary Scholarship Application (doc)
Forms Deadline Schedule September 2017 (pdf)
Ordained Minister Candidacy Checklist (pdf)
Reference Form for Candidates (pdf)
Vision and Expectations (pdf)
Churchwide Documents
2013 Churchwide Assembly Minutes (pdf)
Legislative Updates For The 2016 Churchwide Assembly Pdf (dragged) (pdf)
March 2017 Conference of Bishops Report (pdf)
Compensation and Guidelines (2018)
A 2018 Compensation And Guidelines For Pastors In Parsonages (pdf)
B 2018 Compensation And Guidelines For Pastors Receiving A Housing Allowance (pdf)
C 2018 Compensation And Guidelines For Rostered Lay Leaders (pdf)
D 2018 Compensation And Guidelines For Lay Leaders (pdf)
Congregation Constitution Amendment Flowchart (doc)
Constitution Revision Flow Chart (doc)
Model Constitution for Congregations (doc)
Overview of Congregation Constitution Review Process (doc)
Rostered Ministry Declaration for Congregations (doc)
Synod Constitution, Bylaws, and Continuing Resolutions (pdf)
2018 Statement Of Intent Sample (pdf)
Mission Support Trends - 2017 (pdf)
Your Offering And Mission Support (pdf)
Synod Council Minutes
Council Minutes August 2017 (pdf)
Council Minutes June 2017 (pdf)
Council Minutes March 2017 (pdf)
Council Minutes May 2017 (pdf)
Council Minutes October 2017 (pdf)
Year End Resources (2017)
Annual Meeting Tip Sheet 2017 (pdf)
Annual Report Cover (pdf)
Bishop Zellmer Year End Letter (pdf)
Parliamentary Procedure (pdf)
SD Synod Mission Breakdown (chart) (pdf)
Statement of Intent 2018 (pdf)
Stories of Faith in Action (pdf)
Synod Adopted Budget (pdf)
Where Does My Offering Go (pdf)
Youth and Family
2015 Synod Youth Gathering Poster (docx)
2015 Synod Youth Gathering Poster (pdf)
Technology Milestone for Youth (pdf)
Technology Milestone for Youth (docx)