Annual Report to the Bishop

Rostered Ministers, please fill out and submit your Annual Report to the Bishop. Bishop Zellmer looks forward to hearing from you and will personally read your report.  Please choose the appropriate form by clicking here.

Annual Congregational Report Forms A & C

Congregational Leaders: Please submit your congregation’s Forms A and C at ELCA website.

Congregations will be mailed a user ID and password from the churchwide office. If you did not receive this, or have misplaced it, please contact the Synod Office at 605-274-4011 or email

Statement of Intent for Mission Support

To tell us your plan for mission support in 2018, you may complete the online form here.

All congregations should have received a copy of the Statement of Intent in December.

2018 Congregational Leadership Form

To report your congregational leaders to the synod office, you may complete the online form here.

Seminary Debt Refinance Information

Pastor contacts LSS Center for Financial Resources by requesting initial session for the

Seminary Debt Restructuring Program at:

When the pastor has received the action plan from LSS, request the application forms by contacting:

Return completed Application, loan documents and ACH form to:

Crystal McCormick
SD Synod, ELCA
2001 S Summit Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57197

You will be notified when the Synod Seminary Debt Refinance has been approved. A time will be scheduled with Jim Schade for a phone conference to pay-off the Seminary Loan.

The monthly payments will be made on the 20th of each month by ACH from the bank account identified by the pastor on the ACH Form in the Loan packet.

Questions should be directed to Jim Schade 605-940-2363

Call Process Documents for Congregations and Rostered Ministers

Call Process documents for congregations and rostered leaders may be found on the Call Process Page.

If you have any questions about the Call Process, please contact Susan Marone at 605/274-4022 or Crystal McCormick at 605/274-4024.

Forms and Information For Congregations and Synodically Authorized Ministers

Ministry Site Profile (MSP) Form for Congregations in Call Process

Congregations entering the call process will find the Ministry Site Profile  (MSP) Forms at the ELCA website.  Completing the MSP and contacting the synod office are the first steps to beginning the call process.

If you have any questions about your congregation’s call process or the above form, please contact Susan Marone at 605-274-4022.

Rostered Minister Profile (RMP) Form For Rostered Ministers

“Call Process” refers to the process by which rostered leaders — ordained or lay — move from one call to another in the ELCA. Information and forms pertaining to the call process may be found at the ELCA web site.

If you are interested in mobility, please complete the appropriate form and submit it to the synod office with signatures.  If you have any questions about the mobility process or the forms, please contact Deacon Susan Marone at 605-274-4022.