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Technology Milestone for Youth

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 3/27/13 at 8:52am |
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A group of South Dakota youth directors and ministry leaders gathered at Joy Ranch in Watertown to discuss the importance of technology in today’s connected culture and the ways social media, mobile phones, and other devices can be used for ministry.

We find technology in nearly every aspect of our daily lives—especially in the lives of our teenagers. All of us are continually plugged into the internet and social networks—technologies which have completely saturated our daily lives and work. And yet, as pervasive as these technologies and digital media are, we don’t really talk about them in church. In this digitally-integrated time, churches need to take seriously and engage in conversation at the intersection of faith and technology for all ages, but especially youth. As our youth live more of their lives online, they will also live out their faith there too. If we don’t engage it, we will miss out on a huge part of their lives . . . and leave them without spiritual guidance.

As part of their work, ministry leaders at the retreat created a way for parents to faithfully discuss with their children the joy, danger, and blessing that technology can be in their lives. They created a ministry milestone including resources for worship, ideas for a cross-generational event, and a Four Key resource for home (Rituals and Traditions, Service, Devotion, Caring Conversations). These resources are available for use in your ministry setting however you see fit.

We hope you will join us in this important conversation!

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  • Jeff Rohr  |  Posted 3.27.13 at 4:41 PM   

    This is really an excellent Milestone. As a congregation that is committed to the Vibrant Faith Ministry paradigm, and to Milestone Ministries as am important element of faith formation, and also as one who is concerned about the unexamined impact of technology on faith, culture and personal relationships, I applaud this opportunity for cross-generational conversation. We will be using this resource. Thanks to the unnamed youth ministry leaders who put this together. Hope you are sending it to David Anderson & Paul Hill.

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