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Spirit of Joy – Worship Coordinator

By South Dakota Synod | Posted 7/6/17 at 10:40am |
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Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

Coordinator of Worship Arts Ministries

Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church Mission Statement:

to WELCOME people into a community of followers of Jesus Christ;

to GROW with one another in faith and hope in Him;

to SEND out one another as Jesus’ compassionate servants in the world.

Job Title: Coordinator of Worship Arts Ministries, Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

Employment Status: Part-time, 25-30 hours/week

Wages: $15-18/hour depending on experience and education

Position Description: This person shall develop and lead worship arts ministries in the congregation in collaboration with the pastors, other part-time paid and volunteer worship leaders and the worship team in a way that is consistent with Spirit of Joy’s mission, values, and theology. Worship arts include a variety of music, both instrumental and vocal, creative communication of the biblical story through various art forms, and multimedia created or curated to enhance worship experiences.

Job Qualifications (faith, skills, knowledge, and abilities):

  1. Commitment to serving and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.
  2. Understanding of the biblical story and Lutheran Christian theology.
  3. Understanding of Lutheran liturgy and liturgical practices.
  4. Bachelor degree preferred.
  5. Proficiency in playing piano/keyboard, and accompanying and directing other instrumentalists and vocalists in a variety of ensembles.
  6. Training and experience in music ministry and development of other worship arts such as creative storytelling and multimedia presentations of worship themes.
  7. Skills in recruiting, organizing, coordinating and leading worship leaders and worshipers in a variety of worship experiences.
  8. Passion for creativity and exploring fresh ways to worship.
  9. Passion for inspiring children and youth to lead and participate in worship.
  10. Good interpersonal skills for working collaboratively with staff, other worship leaders, and worship participants.
  11. Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and/or worship software
  12. Successful completion of criminal background check.

Overall Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Plan worship services collaboratively through regular meetings with pastors, staff and other key music and worship arts leaders.
  2. Serve as leader of Spirit of Joy’s worship band by recruiting band members, choosing music for the band, directing band rehearsals, and directing band’s worship leadership at Sunday services an average of twice/month.
  3. Recruit, develop and assist worship leaders with mid-week worship.
  4. Develop instrumentalists, vocalists, and music ensembles of youth and/or adults for participation in worship, according to the needs and potential of the congregation.
  5. Help develop the worship competency and participation of the congregation.
  6. Recruit, train, and schedule Sunday Servants who serve as greeters/ushers, communion servers, and readers for Sunday and Wednesday worship services.
  7. Oversees recruitment and training of persons who will run sound system and screen during worship services and music group rehearsals.
  8. Oversee care and maintenance of musical instruments of the church.
  9. Collaborate with staff and caring ministries of the congregation in bringing care to participants in various worship arts ministries of the congregation.
  10. Recruit or serve as accompanist(s) for Sunday and Wednesday children’s music ministries.
  11. Recruit, equip and work with a creative arts team for the creation of visual art (such as video presentations, other multimedia, photography, seasonal decorations, or drama) to enhance liturgical seasons and worship themes, and tell stories of congregational mission and ministry according to the needs and potential of the congregation.
  12. Participate in weekly staff meetings and monthly worship team meetings.
  13. Participate in the development of an annual budget for worship arts ministries.
  14. Perform related duties as required.

Management Discretion: The job requirements that this document describes may be altered or supplemented at any time at the discretion of the employer with notification of employee

Employment-at-Will: This document does not create an employment contract, either express or implied. All employment is employment-at-will.

Terms of Employment:

  1. This position is a part-time position.
  2. This position will work under the supervision of the Lead Pastor and is accountable to the Worship Team and the Leadership Team.
  3. After 90 days of employment, this position will participate in a performance review with the Lead Pastor and Executive Committee, with an annual review after that.
  4. It is expected that the Coordinator of Worship Arts Ministries will attend training and ongoing education that will aid in job responsibilities.
  5. Attention to the regular disciplines of worship, scripture reading, and prayer will be expected as essential practices for the individual’s ongoing growth in the Christian faith.

Job Application – Coordinator of Worship Arts Ministries

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