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SD Synod Strategic Ministry Plan

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 12/11/12 at 3:01pm |
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Approved by South Dakota Synod Council November 16, 2012

“That All May Be Fed”

At the June 2012 South Dakota Synod Assembly the bylaws were changed in how the Bishop would be elected and a request was also adopted that asked for a Strategic Plan to be developed and adopted by the Synod Council, with the final report being presented to the South Dakota Synod by December 1st in the year preceding the Bishop’s election. The Synod Council met immediately following the Synod Assembly and began the planning for creating a Strategic Plan.

At the August Synod council meeting several decisions were made concerning the Strategic Plan. The Synod Council entered into an agreement to serve as the pilot synod for the Office of the Secretary of the ELCA as they prepared the “toolbox for the election of a Bishop.” The Office of the Secretary served as our consultant as together we prepared the questions that would be asked of the Synod during “Burgers with the Bishop”. The Synod Council also invited at least one person from each conference plus the elected officers of the South Dakota Synod to serve as the Task Force to listen to the synod and then write the Strategic Plan for the South Dakota Synod.

In August and September at seven locations across South Dakota the Task Force members attended and led the conversations around the questions developed with the Office of the Secretary. The South Dakota Synod and the Office of the Secretary activated an online survey that was available to every member in South Dakota who had access to the internet. This survey was available through the end of September. That online survey data was provided to the Task Force as they gathered at their October meeting.

The South Dakota Synod Council received the draft report at its October 12th meeting and spent time in conversation about the plan and offered suggestions to the Task Force. The Task Force finished its report in November and the South Dakota Synod Council gave final approval to the South Dakota Synod Strategic Plan at an online meeting during November.

The South Dakota Synod Strategic Ministry Plan may be viewed online and will be mailed to all rostered leaders and congregations.

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