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Parochial Reports Due February 15

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 1/23/13 at 4:08pm |
Category: Synod News

Your congregation’s parochial reports contain important data used in planning, not only for congregational mission and ministry, but also for the collective mission of our whole church. Data complied from the reports over a period of time reflects trends in the congregation, trends in society, and opportunities for ministry.

Pastors are responsible for submitting this important information to the Synod and ELCA each year. From the 2012 SD Synod Constitution S14.03: “The pastor shall be responsible for accurate parochial records of all baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials, communicants, members received, members dismissed, or members excluded from the congregation, and shall submit a summary of such statistics annually to this synod.”

Parochial reports also determine a congregation’s voting members for the Synod Assembly. With a bishop election this year, the bishop’s election committee requires that we have accurate data from your congregation. They will be checking numbers and registrations before the Assembly.

Forms for the parochial report can be filed electronically on the ELCA website. If you need assistance with your congregational ID or password, please contact Crystal McCormick at 605-274-4024.

Please make submitting these forms a priority.

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