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ILFE Nicaragua-South Dakota Synod Liaison Position

By South Dakota Synod | Posted 11/8/17 at 5:09pm |
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Interim Mission Hospitality Coordinator for Iglezia Fe y Esperanza (ILFE) Nicaragua

The Companion Synod Committee of the South Dakota Synod, ELCA recognizes the importance of a SD Synod-Iglezia Fe y Esperanza (ILFE) Nicaragua Liaison Person. We suggest that the Executive Committee of the ILFE church name an Interim Mission Hospitality Coordinator to begin as soon as possible and serve until a permanent person assumes the post. The salary, benefits, and travel of this person would be supported by funds provided by the South Dakota Synod of the ELCA, but they would be considered an employee of the ILFE church. We do ask that the SD Synod (Bishop David Zellmer and Companion Synod Committee Coordinator Rev. Charles Bunk) be given an opportunity to interview the candidate chosen to give our advice and consent. The Interim Mission Hospitality Coordinator should be chosen to fit the description of duties and job requirements of the permanent Mission Hospitality Coordinator listed below.

Mission Hospitality Coordinator for ILFE Nicaragua

Requirements for Position

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator should have at least a High School Diploma.

+ Should be familiar with the mission, ministry, and outreach of the ILFE church.

+ Should be proficient in written and spoken Spanish and written and spoken English, having achieved at least a score of 61 on the TOEFL test. The person would be communicating with international mission partners on a weekly basis. (The candidate will be given the first year of employment as a time to reach that mark.)

+ Should understand and communicate the laws and context of Nicaragua which involve citizens of other countries who wish to cooperate with ILFE in mission work. 

Procedure to Name Mission Hospitality Coordinator

The Division for Global Mission of the ELCA (represented by Paulina Dasse and Stephen Deal), the South Dakota Synod of the ELCA (represented by Bishop Zellmer and the Executive Committee of the Companion Synod Committee), and the Executive Committee of the ILFE are invited to suggest candidates for this post. Candidates may be screened by all three church organizations first by the church group which names them, then by the other two groups named above.

We would hope to have a permanent person in this post by January of 2018.  

Duties of Mission Hospitality Coordinator

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator arranges for transportation within Nicaragua and lodging for Mission Visitors from South Dakota and other international visitors.

+ He or she would arrange for permission from the Nicaraguan Health Division for medical work, procure entry permits necessary for the visit, and meet delegations at the airport to welcome them and to bid them farewell.

+ He or she introduces the mission visitors to colleagues in the ILFE church and Nicaraguan officials to encourage the continuation of the ministry provided in the local context.

+ He or she interprets into English or Spanish when appropriate to help visitors and Nicaraguans communicate with each other.

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator collects the participation fee (now $150 each) from visitors to pay for the upkeep of church vehicles and the housing in church facilities in Cedro Galan and Somoto. The Hospitality Coordinator also coordinates with the mission visitors how much they need to pay for hotel and food.

+ He or she makes reports about each visit to the Executive Committee of ILFE, and yearly reports to the Division for Global Mission and to the South Dakota Synod Companion Synod Committee.

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator would be expected to come to South Dakota to learn our context for Christian mission and to inform us of mission opportunities in Nicaragua. The South Dakota Synod would pay for travel, passports and visa, and other necessary health vaccinations to make this possible. The Division for Global Mission would provide orientation at the time of this visit in Mission strategies, Companionship principles, and networking for God’s mission at their orientation session for new missionaries.

+ He or she is expected to participate in all aspects of the faith community of ILFE. This means that they attend worship on a regular basis and join in prayer, service, and study with ILFE members in Managua and in the rural communities. The South Dakota Synod realizes that the time receiving visitors from South Dakota will not engage the MHC (Mission Hospitality Coordinator) on a full-time basis every month, so the person is encouraged to participate in other aspects of the full ministry of ILFE as appropriate.

Salary and Benefits

+ The Salary of the Mission Hospitality Coordinator would be commensurate with salary of the country of their citizenship. For North Americans this means a stipend. For citizens of other Latin American countries this means a salary according to the guidelines established by the sending church. For Nicaraguans this means a salary in keeping with Nicaraguan Labor guidelines and the salary scale of other ILFE church workers.

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator would receive vacation, health, and retirement benefits according to the standards of their country of citizenship.

+ The Mission Hospitality Coordinator will be encouraged to take classes through extension in Lutheran Doctrine, Bible, Mission of Christ, and Community Development under the guidance of the Executive Committee of ILFE. The South Dakota synod will provide funds for this Continuing Education if the Mission Hospitality Coordinator agrees to continue serving in this capacity for at least one year beyond the date of the last class. Should he or she seek a degree the ILFE church would seek funding from Lutheran World Federation or other agencies instead of this money for continuing education.



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