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Bulletin Inserts
Companion Synod Bulletin Insert (pdf)
Mission Spotlight - Pueblo de Dios (pdf)
Mission Spotlight - WestSide Lutheran (pdf)
Call Process/Supply Lists
2015 July Lay Pulpit Supply (pdf)
2015 July Ordained Interim & Supply Pastors (pdf)
Appropriate Objectives for Interim Period (pdf)
Call Committee Installation Service (pdf)
Call Committee Interview Response Form (pdf)
Call Process Booklet (pdf)
Call Process Outline (pdf)
Candidate Interview Response Form (pdf)
Covenant of Conduct for Congregations (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for AIM, DM, or Deaconess Form Instructions (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form (pdf)
Definition of Compensation for Pastors Form Instructions (pdf)
Devotions For Congregations In Call Process (from SWMN Synod) (pdf)
Instructions for Submitting Call Documents (pdf)
Interim Ministry Manual (pdf)
Ministry Site Profile Login (html)
2015 Seminary Debt Reduction Application Revised (pdf)
Background Check Authorization Form (pdf)
Candidacy FAQs (pdf)
Candidacy Manual (pdf)
Candidacy Process Checklist (pdf)
Endorsement Panel Information Sheet (pdf)
Entrance Panel Information (pdf)
FAQs for Assignment Forms (pdf)
FLC Seminary Scholarship Application (doc)
Forms Deadline Schedule February 2015 (pdf)
Ordained Minister Candidacy Checklist (pdf)
Reference Form for Candidates (pdf)
Vision and Expectations (pdf)
Compensation and Guidelines (2015)
Lay Leaders (pdf)
Pastors Living in a Parsonage (pdf)
Pastors Receiving a Housing Allowance (pdf)
Rostered Lay Leaders (pdf)
Congregation Constitution Amendment Flowchart (doc)
Constitution and Bylaws of the South Dakota Synod (pdf)
Constitution Revision Flow Chart (doc)
Model Constitution for Congregations (doc)
Overview of Congregation Constitution Review Process (doc)
Rostered Ministry Declaration for Congregations (doc)
Discovering Hope 2015 Flier (pdf)
In Brief LM Transition (pdf)
Luther Seminary October 2014 Highlights (pdf)
Pastor Annual Review Evaluation (pdf)
Pine Ridge Retreat Center Brochure (pdf)
Review of Staff and Congregational Ministry (pdf)
Trip to Reformation Birthplace Information Sheet (pdf)
Wittenberg Seminar Letter (pdf)
Wittenberg Seminar Nomination And Registration Form (pdf)
The Lutheran November Insert (print) (pdf)
The Lutheran November Insert (web) (pdf)
Mission Partner Focus (pdf)
The Lutheran August Insert (print) (pdf)
The Lutheran August Insert (web) (pdf)
The Lutheran Insert February 2015 (print) (pdf)
The Lutheran Insert February 2015 (web) (pdf)
The Lutheran May Insert (print) (pdf)
The Lutheran May Insert (web) (pdf)
A Recipe For A Recipe (pdf)
Discovering Hope Flier (pdf)
GiFT Flier (pdf)
Gift Flyer Updated (pdf)
GiFT Team Description And Selection (pdf)
GiFT Workshops Experience (pdf)
Mission Interpreter Brochure (pdf)
Mission Support Conversations With Your Council or Board (2014) (pdf)
Mission Support FAQs (2014) (pdf)
Simple Fall Stewardship Program – “That All May Be Fed” (pdf)
South Dakota Synod Cookbook (pdf)
Steward Leader Brochure (pdf)
Ventures Brochure for Congregations (pdf)
Your Offering At Work Poster (pdf)
Synod Assembly (2014)
2013 Audit Report (pdf)
2014 Assembly Minutes (pdf)
Ballot (pdf)
Preliminary Report (pdf)
Resolutions (pdf)
Synod Assembly (2015)
2015 Synod Assembly Minutes (pdf)
Resolution 1 - Elect Synod Council Members (pdf)
Resolution 2 - Elect 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly Voting Members (pdf)
Resolution 3 - 2016 Compensation and Guidelines (pdf)
Resolution 4 - Companion Synod ILFE (pdf)
Resolution 5 - Raise The Roof At Woyatan Lutheran Church (pdf)
Resolution 6 - Expanding Health Coverage To The Poor In South Dakota (pdf)
Synod Council Minutes
August 17, 2012 (pdf)
August 23, 2013 (pdf)
July 10, 2012 (pdf)
June 6, 2014 (pdf)
June 8, 2013 (pdf)
June 9, 2012 (pdf)
March 14, 2014 (pdf)
March 22, 2013 (pdf)
March 9, 2012 (pdf)
May 3, 2012 (pdf)
November 16, 2012 (pdf)
October 10-11, 2013 (pdf)
October 12, 2012 (pdf)
October 13, 2014 (pdf)
Year-End Materials and Forms
2014 Presiding Bishop Letter (pdf)
2014 Synod Bishop Letter (pdf)
2015 Mission Plan (Budget) (pdf)
2015 Statement of Intent (pdf)
Annual Meeting Tip Sheet (pdf)
Congregational Leadership Form (pdf)
Council Webinar Presentation Slides (pdf)
Forms A and C (Parochial Reports) (html)
Mission Support FAQs (2014) (pdf)
November The Lutheran Insert (pdf)
Rostered Leader Report to the Bishop (html)
St Dysmas Annual Report (pdf)
Year-End Memo (pdf)
Youth and Family
2015 Synod Youth Gathering Poster (docx)
2015 Synod Youth Gathering Poster (pdf)
Technology Milestone for Youth (pdf)
Technology Milestone for Youth (docx)
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