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Hot Cocoa and Ramen Noodles for Flandreau Indians School

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 11/12/12 at 8:51am |
Category: Congregational News

The Flandreau Indians School Chaplaincy Program could use some help in collecting Packets of Hot Cocoa and Ramen Noodles as a tool in reaching the students at the school. It may seem silly or like not much, but there is hot water in the Chaplain’s office and each afternoon the students come by for an after-school snack. It is not uncommon for us to use 80 packets of cocoa per day. We use this time to get to know students and getting to know names. Some of the students stick around longer than others and inevitably the conversations will turn to spirituality and questions students have. Ramen noodles are just another snack that kids look forward to having in the Dorms later on.

If we could get help from you in collecting, it makes a world of difference in the budget if these items don’t need be to purchased tby the ministry. You can mail them to FIS Chaplain,

802 W Pipestone Avenue, Flandreau, SD 57028 If you have any questions regarding this request, please call Chaplain Bill Britton at (605) 864-8625.

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