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Health Assessment Update

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 2/14/13 at 8:49am |
Category: Synod News

The January numbers are in. 90 eligible members completed it and we need another 103 to reach our goal. We are currently in second place among the ELCA Synods!

If you have ELCA-primary health benefits and you haven’t taken it yet, please take a few moments to do so. It will save you, your congregation, and the South Dakota Synod money! You will earn a $150 credit in your personal wellness account to offset out-of-pocket medical expenses, and you will have the opportunity to earn an additional $350 by completing follow-up activities. And on top of that, each congregation in the South Dakota Synod will receive a 2% discount on health contributions for all of 2013 if 65% of the eligible ELCA-primary plan members and spouses in our synod complete the online Mayo Clinic Health Assessment by April 30.

Learn more about the assessment at the ELCA Portico website, or take the assessment now at the Mayo Clinic Embody Health web portal.

If you have questions or would like help with the assessment, please contact the synod office. We’d be happy to help!

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