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Exchange Pastor from Cameroon to Visit Crossroads Conference

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 1/4/13 at 2:38pm |
Category: Synod News

Pastor Timothee Sodea of Cameroon is in South Dakota for three months spend three months as part of a pastoral exchange. He will be visiting congregations in the Crossroads Conference this month. Come meet him if you are in the area!

Saturday, January 19 – St. Mark’s Lutheran (2001 S Elmwood Ave)
5:30 Worship service
6:20 Potluck supper
6:40 Presentation by Pastor Tim

Sunday, January 20 – Our Savior’s Lutheran (909 W 33rd St.)
8:45 Worship services/greeting from Cameroon
9:55 Presentation by Pastor Tim
11:00 Worship services/greeting from Cameroon

Sunday, January 20 – First Lutheran African Ministry (327 S Dakota Ave.)
12:30 Worship Service

Sunday, January 20 – First Lutheran Gathering Room (327 S Dakota Ave.)
5:00 Potluck supper
5:30 Presentation by Pastor Tim

Wednesday, January 23 – Augustana College Chapel
11:45 am Meditation

Wednesday, January 23 – Canton Lutheran Church (124 East 2nd St.)
5:00 Supper with council
6:00 Sunday School
7:00 Worship and Presentation

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