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Easter Greetings from Nicaragua

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 4/2/13 at 9:22am |
Category: Synod News

Dear Bishop David and our brothers and sisters of ELCA South Dakota Synod,

The tomb is empty! Christ lives!

These are powerful and exciting words for us to hear during this liturgical season of Easter. One can only imagine the thoughts of the disciples as they looked upon the empty tomb; the linens neatly folded.

We know now that Christ had Risen, yet in the gospels we see that the first thought of the disciples was not that Jesus was resurrected but that His body was stolen. We see that the disciples, in moments of difficulties lose their faith, just as we may at sometimes in our walk of life. However, once again, our Lord and Savior comes to us just like He came to the disciples and says “Peace be with you!”

Brothers and sisters, it is this message that I give to you during the Easter season; “Peace be with you!” and I hope, I pray that the Lord may be Resurrected in every single one of your hearts and that we can continue the ministry that He has left for us here on Earth.

May the Risen Christ, Lord of all history and life, bless you all during this season of Easter!

With love and kindness,

On behalf of your brothers and sisters of the Nicaraguan Lutheran Church of Faith and Hope,

Dr. Bishop Victoria Cortez

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