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Contemporary Music Director: Messiah New Hope

By South Dakota Synod | Posted 7/20/17 at 9:49am |
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Messiah New Hope Lutheran Church
Contemporary Music Director
Position Summary

Provide music leadership for Contemporary worship services Sundays September-May, and about half the Sunday morning worship services June-August.  Recruit and coordinate musical volunteers to enhance the worship life of the congregation.


Previous experience and/or education in music direction and playing for congregational worship.
Knowledge and appreciation of the basics of contemporary worship.
Loves both God and music and conveys this through worship participation and leadership
High degree of proficiency playing at least one appropriate instrument
Strong leadership and planning skills
Ability to work in collaboration and cooperation with pastor, staff, and volunteers


Convey enthusiasm and sincerity in worship.
Provide high quality service to the people and the community we serve.
Flexibility and adaptability.


Timely collaboration, planning, and music selection (and others who may be involved in worship service preparation) for worship music appropriate for the seasons of the church year and specific Sundays.
Timely communication to the church secretary of music chosen for worship.
Lead the congregation in singing and worship participation, encouraging active participation.
Work with the pastor, Traditional worship director, and others to set a summer schedule for worship leadership with plans for each to lead 6-7 Sundays.
Challenges volunteer musicians to grow musically.
Strives for excellence in worship and music.
Oversees proper storage and appearance of musical equipment in worship space.
Provides pertinent and regular communications.
Other duties negotiable, within the scope of the position, as assigned by the Pastor.

The director will be actively present in worship at 10:30am on Sundays from Labor Day Weekend until Memorial Day Weekend and at the summer Sunday worship services scheduled for his/her leadership.
This position can be fulfilled mostly with work in evenings and weekends totaling about 4-5 hours per week. Attendance at staff meetings and/or worship planning sessions only when necessary.

This salaried position is compensated at $6500/year, to be paid semi-monthly.
Two Sundays off are provided during the program year (September-May), without reduction in salary.
Seven (approximate) additional Sundays off will be given during the summer.
Other time off shall be treated as leave, and salary will be deducted on a pro-rated basis.
Sundays away should be planned for in detail and coordinated well in advance with the pastor and other musicians.

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