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Churchwide Assembly Congregation Observers

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 3/14/13 at 9:35am |
Category: Synod News

2013 Churchwide Assembly
August 12-17, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA

Members of the ELCA are invited to attend the Churchwide Assembly as Congregation Observers.  The registration category of congregation observers, according to continuing resolution 12.41.C04., provides the following:

Congregation Observers. Each congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America may register with the secretary ofthis church one congregation observer for the Churchwide Assembly prior to May 31 in the year of a Churchwide Assembly.

a.  Provision shall be made for such an individual to have reserved seating in the observers section of the plenary hall. Such congregation observers will receive a copy of the report of recommendations for assembly action and also materials distributed on the plenary floor to voting members, advisory members, and non-voting members during the assembly. Such observers shall have neither voice nor vote in plenary sessions of the assembly.

b.  A registration fee shall be established by the secretary of this church for registration and related costs, including enabling observers to receive the same meals as are provided for voting members.

c.  Transportation costs, housing, other meals, and related expenses shall be the responsibility of the registered observer or sending congregation.

The registration fee for congregation observers is $150. Please contact the assembly registrar at 800-638-3522 ext 2807, or via e-mail to if you have any questions. Please note the meal package is not included in the registration fee, but may be purchased separately when registering. On-line registration will open in April at

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