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Christmas Sacks for St. Dysmas

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 11/8/13 at 10:30am |
Category: Congregational News

For over 25 years it has been a tradition to hand out brown paper Christmas sacks to the inmates of the South Dakota State Penitentiary (the “Hill”, Jamison and Unit C), the Mike Durfee State Prison, and the Minnehaha County Jail. These Christmas sacks include 2 pieces of homemade fudge and handmade Christmas cards from elementary age children.

Many times the Christmas sack is the only gift an inmate receives as many have no contact with family or friends. Imagine their anticipation of receiving that gift on Christmas Eve!

Providing Christmas sacks for over 3000 inmates is a challenge because we need approximately 6000 pieces of fudge and 3000 cards. This feat is accomplished each year through the support of the churches and various organizations like yours that volunteer to make these items. (Click here for drop-off points.)

The prison system has a very specific recipe and guidelines for making the fudge and guidelines for the cards. (These guidelines must be followed exactly or the fudge and cards will be rejected.)

Would you and your group consider helping us with this important task?

Information may also be obtained by contacting St Dysmas via email at and putting Christmas Sacks in the subject line, or by calling Jaki at 605-338-1735.

Thank you in advance for your support of this vital mission and may God Bless you in all you do!

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