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Cameroon Roof Project Update #2

By Kevin Stillson | Posted 10/22/13 at 8:52am |
Category: Synod News

Churches in South Dakota are raising church roofs in Cameroon! We have heard exciting and inspiring stories of churches raising funds in celebration of the ELCA’s 25 years and look forward to hearing more.

It is almost “dry season” in Cameroon, a time when the greatest amount of work can be accomplished due to improved road conditions. This is the perfect opportunity to forward funds raised and amp up efforts so that churches in need of a roof can be completed as soon as possible!

So far this year we have raised six roofs. Let’s work together to raise six more by the end of the year! One church roof costs $8,000. This goal is achievable! Please dig deep into your hearts and help us make this goal a reality.

If you have any questions or need fundraising ideas, contact Cathy Larson, Companion Synod Coordinator, at or 605-274-4031.

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